2022-03-29 Rotation Operation Atlantic Resolve, 3rd Armored Brigade. Vlissingen

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As part of a material rotation for operation Atlantic Resolve, the US 3rd Armored Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division is moving it’s equipment. During these 2 weeks multiple ships will arrive in multiple ports in Europa. Besides Vlissingen, ships will also dock in Denmark and Greece. After unloading, further transport to Poland will happen with trucks and train. The first ship to arrive is the Cape Washington.

After this, soldiers begin arriving in April. This is the ninth Atlantic Resolve armored brigade combat team rotation since the start of Atlantic Resolve in 2014.

The incoming armored rotation will conduct multinational training and security cooperation activities with allies and partners in Europe. 

They will deploy with approximately 4,000 Soldiers, around 90 Abrams tanks, 15 Paladins, 150 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 500 tracked vehicles and 600 wheeled vehicles and equipment.

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